Gansevoort Hotel & Meatpacking District Engagement | New York Wedding Photographer

Tasha and Greg are on fire! We rocked out this loving and fashionable shoot in the meatpacking district and even found ourselves on the roof of the Gansevoort hotel. It was wonderful to walk around and chat, just getting to know each other. Getting to know your photographer is one of the best things that comes out of your engagement session! Plus I love when I meet someone else who loves to eat almost as much as me!

With Tasha’s awesome fashion sense and Greg’s boyish smile I know their 2012 wedding (and the photos) will be AWESOME and filled with love!!!


I LOVE this view!!

PS: This was my first time shooting on the High Line and it ROCKS!!

Aisha & David Engaged | New York CIty Wedding Photographer

When I first sat down with Aisha and David I asked them to tell me 3 words that describe them as a couple. It took some time but eventually I had 3. Now that I have gotten to know them I have one word to describe it. Effortless. Their love is true, easy going, and just wonderful to watch. They said “I do” this weekend and I was honored to be a part of it. From the first look to the last dance at the reception; I was able to feel the love. Aisha and David have come a long way since they dated once before about 10 years ago. This time it is forever. You can look at them and see that they will never let each other go again.

You two belong together FOREVER!

Temple University | Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

Meeting Ruby and Rolanda at Temple University was definitely worth the trip. They met at Temple so what better place for their engagement session! We explored all of the key spots. Where they noticed each other, the place Ruby handed Rolanda a flyer to an event she wanted to see her at, and where they had their first kiss!

Temple was full of sweet memories for them. I got to know them for the fun, passionate, and deeply connected couple that they are. I cannot wait for the wedding. See you two in October!

Jaime & Aldo in DUMBO | Brooklyn, New York Wedding Photographer

I had so much fun with Jaime and Aldo in DUMBO! It really felt like we were hanging out and taking in the sites. They are such an easy going couple and we just meshed. Aldo is hilarious and I can see that he keeps Jaime on her toes! Literally!! I cannot wait for the big day to capture all the love you two have for each other. And to also share the love Jaime and I have for cake 😉

Brooklyn Promenade Engagement | Brooklyn, NY Wedding Photographer

I haven’t had a session at the promenade in a while and I forgot how much I love it! Mario and Stephanie were so much fun. I went to high school with Mario and when he came by the studio with his bride to be I must say I got teary eyed. My reaction came from a few different places. For one thing I am so happy for him and can see the love oozing. Secondly, he just seems like such a grown up which he obviously is! Lastly it made me realize that, oh boy, that means I am a grown up too! Yes I should know that already but in life sometimes I have these WOW moments.

I know this is a tiny sneak peek so please forgive me. The studio is SUPER busy right now during the holiday season!

During the session I learned that Mario is even sillier now than he was in high school!

The wedding is going to be a blast!