New York City Hall Wedding | New York Wedding Photographer

Jason and Sanchia planned a big wedding. Yes it does say City Hall Wedding above, no mistakes here. One day they decided that what they really needed was a small intimate day with those closest to them. Jason and Sanchia bravely left behind the big wedding plans and the deposits already given to vendors. This includes a deposit for a different wedding photographer. (They didn’t know about me then teehee) I think that this was such a strong move on their part. To give up preconceived notions of what their day should be to make it what was good for their souls.

Numerous times throughout the day you could hear Sanchia saying how perfect the day was. She wouldn’t have had it any other way! No mistake there.

Thank you for making me a part of your extra special day!

Real Baby Love | Brooklyn, New York Child Photographer

I adore babies and this little guy stole my heart. He was so quiet, sweet and happy! It comes from having such great parents. Mom and Dad love him to pieces and it shows. I love when I have the chance to photograph a family in their home. It is what I truly love to do. Thanks Tricia! Thank you for bringing me into your home to capture your family! psst… and for feeding me 😉

Bear Mountain Wedding | New York Wedding Photographer

Since we met in Boston for their engagement session I have been looking forward to James and Nicole’s wedding. When Nicole looks at James you can fill the love reach out and surround him. If you don’t want to feel good step back because the love will surround you as well! Lucky for me I LOVE the feeling. I am lucky to be surrounded by clients that have to much love to give and to share.

When I arrived for the day and first saw Nicole I was instantly greeted by her wonderful smile and energy. We gave each other the biggest hug, and as we talked for a few seconds she suddenly hugged me again. It was great to know she was as happy to have me there as I was to be there! SO enough gushing about how wonderful these two are. On to the photographs so you can also see how wonderfully happy they were on their big day.

Check out the ICE!

Nicole is STUNNING! Rollers and all!

There was only supposed to be one hair and makeup photo in this sneak peek but I could’t help myself. GORGEOUS!

I love that all of the girls are crowding around to see the veil go on… almost time!!

Are you kidding me with all of this AMAZINGNESS!!! James you are a lucky guy!!

Nicole you are equally lucky! How handsome does James look waiting for his first look at Nicole?

For all of my future couples: The first look is a very personal and private moment that you can share as a couple on your wedding day. By having a first look before the ceremony, you can take advantage of seeing each other without the nerves of walking down the aisle with all eyes on you. It will likely be the only time you are alone together that day and is also a way to make sure your portraits are taken while there is still wonderful light in the sky.

I am pretty sure that Nicole caught someone peeking! They just couldn’t stay away 😉

Yup James I caught that hand 😉


Very Happy Parents!

A silly one for good measure!

Nicole is all about her girls! Another thing I love about her!

I heard from Nicole that James had about 3 or 4 full fledged bachelor parties and one of them included a camping trip! Love it!

I wish you two all the best! You are both AMAZING people and I thank you for making me a part of your wedding day!

Brooklyn Bridge Mini Session | Brooklyn New York Photographer

One word… CUTE! Ok so I say that all the time. But do you see these faces I photograph! BEAUTIFUL!! This little beauty posed it up for the camera; and after a while I even got some great candid shots of her which made me super happy!! It was so funny once she discovered the playground and that became her main focus. I had so much fun floating around the park with her. Yes she did float… like a pretty little fairy!

For fellow Sookie Stackhouse fans I don’t mean that kind of fairy 😉

This should definitely be a canvas Mom!

Brooklyn Bridge Park Mini Session | Brooklyn, NY Baby Photographer

The last time I saw this little guy he was crawling around and now he is on the move. It took him a little while to warm up to me unlike the 1st time. I have learned that one year olds take a little more time to feel out new people. He still has the same beautiful eyes and a very intense stare! What a cutie pie!! By the end of our mini session I had come a long way and he even let me put his jacket on! I felt so special 😉

DUMBO & Brooklyn Bridge Park | Brooklyn NY Family Photographer

All I can say is what a beautiful family!!! Of course two gorgeous people made these 3 adorable boys!! Karen and Thierry are about to celebrate their 10th anniversary and it is beautiful that they have so much love to show! We had lots of fun on the streets of DUMBO and then in Brooklyn Bridge Park. I was lucky enough to visit their home before we started the session and go to know the boys a bit. They have 3 totally different personalities, and keep Mom and Dad on their toes. Big brother loves to help take care of his little brothers which is super sweet. Speaking of which big brother has a birthday on Friday!

Happy 6th Birthday & Happy 10th Anniversary!!

Brooklyn Promenade Engagement | Brooklyn, NY Wedding Photographer

I haven’t had a session at the promenade in a while and I forgot how much I love it! Mario and Stephanie were so much fun. I went to high school with Mario and when he came by the studio with his bride to be I must say I got teary eyed. My reaction came from a few different places. For one thing I am so happy for him and can see the love oozing. Secondly, he just seems like such a grown up which he obviously is! Lastly it made me realize that, oh boy, that means I am a grown up too! Yes I should know that already but in life sometimes I have these WOW moments.

I know this is a tiny sneak peek so please forgive me. The studio is SUPER busy right now during the holiday season!

During the session I learned that Mario is even sillier now than he was in high school!

The wedding is going to be a blast!

Inn at Kent Falls, Kent CT | CT Wedding Photographer

Rebecca and Corinne traveled all the way from Australia to have a beautiful wedding here in Connecticut. They are such a sweet couple and I wish them years of happiness and togetherness. There is something special about it just being the 2 of them to experience such a special and personal occasion! I was also honored to be one of only five to enjoy the beautiful ceremony. That five includes the couple, the officiant, my assistant and I. How awesome is that to have your new spouse all to yourself on your special day! They picked such a beautiful location. Kent falls is amazing and so is the Inn at Kent Falls where they stayed. Between the turning leaves, awesome covered bridges, and waterfalls it was pure eye candy!