Brooklyn Promenade Engagement | Brooklyn, NY Wedding Photographer

I haven’t had a session at the promenade in a while and I forgot how much I love it! Mario and Stephanie were so much fun. I went to high school with Mario and when he came by the studio with his bride to be I must say I got teary eyed. My reaction came from a few different places. For one thing I am so happy for him and can see the love oozing. Secondly, he just seems like such a grown up which he obviously is! Lastly it made me realize that, oh boy, that means I am a grown up too! Yes I should know that already but in life sometimes I have these WOW moments.

I know this is a tiny sneak peek so please forgive me. The studio is SUPER busy right now during the holiday season!

During the session I learned that Mario is even sillier now than he was in high school!

The wedding is going to be a blast!

Coney Island Engagement | Brooklyn New York Wedding Photographer

Shelly and Aaron are dream clients! We clicked during my first chat with Shelly. They traveled from Washington to have a NYC wedding with friends and family since they lived here a few years ago. It was great to get to know them during the engagement session and also refreshing that they were so calm about everything. Calm and in love. The love was literally oozing off of them during out session and I could not help but smile and giggle. We were blessed with a beautiful day. Despite it being late September we encountered a few butterflies and the heat of a midsummer day.

I loved how the colors in Shelly’s dress and shoes worked so well with those of the Wonder Wheel and the sky.

Like I said. OOZING LOVE 🙂

It was a great session and we ended it with a yummy trip to Nathan’s! How can you go to Coney ISland without stopping at Nathan’s? Those fries are delish!!

Central Park Engagement Session | New York Wedding Photographer

I don’t even know where to start with these two! Let’s just say instant chemistry from the start! No I am not talking about their relationship! I am talking about OUR relationship! From the first few emails I could tell that Lanita was definitely a girl I could roll with, and when I met Raki at the consultation it just sweetened the pot! Nothing better than clients who you would love to call friends! The wedding is one year away and I cannot wait! Yes I love exclamation marks, so please forgive me. I just get really excited when I get to have such wonderful people as clients!

On the day of the engagement shoot we met super early in Central Park because it was going to be a scorcher. By scorcher I mean heat advisory, don’t take your dogs outside hot! Lanita and Raki had already scouted out the locations they wanted and it was awesome because I am known to get a bit turned around (just plain lost) in Central Park. We didn’t exactly beat the heat but we avoided the worst of it. I think! It was pretty hot.

One of the locations almost got me eaten by a lake monster. I really didn’t think there were fish in the water. Do you see how calm the water looks behind them? Well a HUGE fish jumped up and made a Loch Ness Monster sized splash while my back was to the water. It definitely shocked all three of us.

So Raki and I both share a crazy fear of insects. I was glad she could understand me when I went running from the biggest bee I ever saw that seemed to have a crush on me. Really, it just kept coming back for more. Then Lanita, lover of nature, explained to me that Bumble bees don’t sting and that is why they are so big and loud. Their size and buzzing keep away predators! Ha! Who knew. See that! How could I not love this girl! By the way Lanita, that info helped me on my trip to Grenada.

With all of the love oozing out of these two they made my job so easy!

The swings were such a great idea and a wonderful way to end such a fun session!

I was able to get this fun shot at brunch. Not sure who told them that food was the way to my heart but it was yummy and totally appreciated!

All love, hugs, and smiles! Thanks for making me a part of such a great time in your lives!

Live from Boston | Boston, MA Wedding Photographer

I cannot wait for the wedding! James and Nicole are such a sweet a fun couple, and the love oozes out of them through those smiles! I offered to have the engagement session in Boston since I love it so much and they live there. We had lots of fun together along with my wonderful assistant J. Smith.

See you in Bear Mountain for the big day!!

Mallory & Rizz Love Shoot | New York Wedding Photographer

I had so much fun during this shoot! It was absolutely freezing but somehow we made it happen. By the end of the shoot it started to snow. This was the first time I shot on the roof of my studio and it was  great. So if you are interested in a rooftop shoot when you book your session let me know! I am sure it will be more bearable in the summer.

Thanks for making the trip down from Connecticut to shoot with me! I had a blast.