More from paradise | Family trip to Grenada

I hadn’t been to Grenada in about 8 years. I remembered the beauty, the wonderful food and the gift of family. I also remember that by the time 2 weeks hit I was ready to get out of Dodge. I guess that was the teenage me because the adult Nas was ready to stay am take in the joy of life on this little island. The beaches are so amazing that no matter how long I sat with the waves crashing against me I kept feeling overwhelmed and surprised by its great beauty.

Roast corn seems to be everyone’s favorite in Grenada. You can only drive but so far before you find someone else selling it on the side of the road. Very yummy!

This photo was taken as we entered Gouyave, the fishing capital of Grenada.

I loved seeing so many buildings painted with Grenada’s flag.

The clouds were amazing! This was the first time I remember being on the beach with my grandmother, and I am so thankful to have this portrait of my son and his great grandmother.

Nothing like picking your own fruit!